Chuck's Turtle Collectibles (22) - $10 (North Downtown Lansing)

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Plate from unknown book, published in January of 1801, depicting two illustrations of the ‘Imbricated Turtle’. Plate is #89 and is 5.75” x 9”. Selling for $10.00

Plate from unknown book, numbered 908, with lightly colored illustration by R.P. Nodder, and penciled-in caption of Testudo Nilotica. Measures 5.75” x 9”. Selling for $20.00

Plate from unknown book, numbered 36, published July 1st 1790 by F.P. Nodder & Co. Penciled-in on the bottom is Manis tetradactyla - four toed manis. Measures 5.75” x 9” and selling for $20.00

Several pages from the book “Glimpses of South America”, including 9 plates and illustrations, one of which is entitled “Shooting Turtles”. 4.5” x 7”, in excellent shape (I believe it is from an early 1900’s book). Selling lot for $10.00

Plate from unknown book with four beautifully colored illustrations of two turtles (dorsal and ventral views). Page is marked 44 at the top, 1845 at the bottom. Measures 8.25” x 10.5”. Selling for $20.00

Plate from Book of the World 1862 #48 Matamata Turtle and ?Caecilian?. Invoice shows it was purchased from Germany in 2010 and includes photocopy of title page. 8” x 10.5 “. Selling for $30.00

Hand-illuminated aquatint engraving from “Foreign Field Sports, Fisheries, Sporting Anecdotes, &c. &c” by Edward Orme (1775-1848) entitled “Turtle Catching on Land”. In fine print below image it says “Published & Sold March 1st 1813, by Edwd Orme, Bond Street, London”. 9” x 12.75” plate/print is barely attached to an old, seriously beaten-up mat, but the image itself is in remarkably good condition except for a few small areas where the paint is missing (white spots in photo). Would look nice matted to match the previous engraving. Selling for $15.00

Hand-illuminated aquatint engraving from “Foreign Field Sports, Fisheries, Sporting Anecdotes, &c. &c” by Edward Orme (1775-1848) entitled “Turtle Fishing in the Water”. In fine print below image it says “Published & Sold July 1st 1813, by Edwd Orme, Bond Street, London”. 9.25” x 12.5” sheet is shrink-wrapped onto foam core, it has minor foxing and edge damage from being extracted from the book. Selling for $20.00

Heavy cardstock model of sea turtle to assemble and hang. 2 copies, one with a small grease stain on one front flipper. I didn’t get a translation, but it apparently a part of Project Tamar. Selling the two together for $10.00

Complimentary Copy for Review of “Turtles In My Sandbox” on 19 sheets of 8.5” x 11” for $10.00

Not sure where this came from, but it apparently instructions on how to draw an Archelon, printed on 8.5” x 11”. Free with any other purchase, so long as it fits in the package.

I believe this is an original painting by G. Voltolina. The onion-skin attached is marked Plate 16. Geochelone carbonaria (morrocoy sabanero). I assume it’s image was used in a book published in 1978, but I do not know which one. Selling this beautiful 9” x 12” painting for $450.00

This pair of large (11” x 17.25”) plates are from an unknown German-language book. (The titles roughly translate to Tab C “the land shield toad of Carolina” and Tab XCIX “the African country shield toad”.) Tab C has a small pencil notation (8a??) which should be erasable. Captions in Latin and French. This very nicely colored pair would look great framed to match. Selling the two together for $35.00

Plate/page #14 from small book (5.25” x 7.25”), with 4 turtles, 2 lizards (or 1 salamander) and a crocodilian. This is temporarily but firmly affixed to a piece of cardboard for protection and I left it that way. Selling it for $10.00

Page from 1882 Punch Magazine, shrink-wrapped onto foam core. Punch, or The London Charivari was a British weekly magazine of humour and satire established in 1841 by Henry Mayhew and wood-engraver Ebenezer Landells. Historically, it was most influential in the 1840s and 1850s, when it helped to coin the term "cartoon" in its modern sense as a humorous illustration. Selling this page for $12.00

We have two copies of the front/back of the September 2010 jax4kids.com newspaper, showing sealife on the cover (including a sea turtle). You are welcome to a copy of this with any other purchase, so long as it fits in the same package.

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