Gifts? Or to keep for yourself? (North Downtown Lansing)

I'm helping to liquidate the estate of a friend that passed away a couple years ago. He collected all sorts of toys and games and had many sealed collectibles. These are a few that I thought might make decent gifts, for yourself or to give.

Christmas Trivia Game. New in sealed package for $8.00

Fifth Avenue Crystal Turtle Set. New, in original package marked $50, for $35.00

EXIT: The Game. The Secret Lab. New in sealed package for $10.00

Doctor Who: The Complete Matt Smith Years. 16-Disc Blu-Ray Set. This is not sealed, but I cannot tell if it has ever been out of the box. Cheapest I saw it on line the day of this posting was $159.99, here for $100.00

Uno Eragon Edition. New in original packaging for $10.00

Special Edition Power Guardian Batman. New in original sealed packaging for $12.00

Negotiator Universal Gaming Adapter. New in original sealed packaging for $5.00

Magnetic Checkers (magnetic travel game). New in original sealed package for $5.00

Rubik’s Revolution Titanium Edition. New in original sealed packaging for $16.00

Matchbox Premiere Collection Abrams A1M1 Tank #36357-0910 (1998 Matel). New, in original packaging for $20.00

Battleship: The Classic Naval Warfare Game! CD-Rom. New in original sealed package for $8.00

Angry Birds Flash Drive. New in sealed package for $9.00

Radica 20Q (20 Questions) Version 2.0 Purple. New in original sealed packaging. On Amazon the day I posted this ad for $69.99, here for $20.00.

Star Wars Episode 1 Naboo Ground Battle. New in box. Box opened but inner seal intact for $8.00

Firefly USB Flash Drive. Box isn’t sealed, but it looks like it’s never been out of the package. Selling it for $16.00

Pez 330944R1 from 2010. Jack-o-lantern. NOT the Glow in the Dark Version. New, on original sealed package for $5.00

If this ad is still up, the item is available; please do not contact me just to ask that.

If you are interested, either call or email (no texts). I usually check my computer a few times each day, or you can often reach me quicker by calling the house phone between 7am and 8pm. (click ‘reply’, then ‘show phone number’)

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