Hand-Painted Animation Cels (8b) (North Downtown Lansing)

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I’m helping to liquidate the estate of an old friend of mine and came across a collection of hand-painted animation cels, backgrounds, and original drawings. He kept a stack of Certificates of Authenticity separate from the cels (!!?!!) and I cannot figure out which ones go to which cels, so I am selling most of the cels without COA’s. I do not know what movies most of these came from, but will note the ones that I do have knowledge of. The numbers I have listed are for my filing system, for easier retrieval and are not anything ‘official’ to the cel. Whether I have original hand-painted backgrounds, or where the backgrounds are color-photo-copies, I will note that. He did not have them stored properly and some were/are adhered. I peeled several apart without mishap, then lightly damaged one, so I stopped trying to separate all the layers. Most of those still adhered will probably separate easily, and without damage, but I will leave that to the buyer. I will post as many per ad as there are room for photos and numerically identify the ads, deleting things as they sell and posting all new items in a new ad, which should help to keep track of which ones you’ve already looked at. 20% off any purchase of 10 or more items, otherwise the prices will stay firm the first year (I promised the widow I would commit 5 years to liquidating his collections).

#74 This is a huge bundle of items in an original (battered) studio folder. Chuck had them all together and some of them definitely look like they are from the same movies. I’m choosing to keep them as a bundle. It includes 46 hand-painted cels, 43 original drawings and 4 colored model sheets. A few of the cels show signs of warping and one stack of dragon cels are lightly adhered – not sure if they will come apart and I don’t want to try. I’m selling the entire group together for $1000, firm. If they are still not sold, after a time I will break them down into individual items for sale.

This is a second part of the same ad, with additional photos of the large bundle of cels.

If this ad is still up, the item is available; please do not contact me just to ask that.

If you are interested, either call or email (no texts). I usually check my computer a few times each day, or you can often reach me quicker by calling the house phone between 7am and 8pm. (click ‘reply’, then ‘show phone number’)

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