Turtle Brewerania (1) (North Downtown Lansing)

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I have a lot of collectible turtle/tortoise items from my friend’s estate that I am helping to liquidate. These items are most of his collection of bottles/cans with a turtle theme. Any bottles that contain liquid should be considered collectible as-is and the liquid (primarily ages-old beer) is NOT drinkable.

Ad #1 All items in this ad are $5.00 each, buy 10, get 1 free. Can combine with $5.00 items from any of these ads.

Terrapin Side Project 1 Hop Shortage Ale B9
Terrapin Side Project 2 RoggenRauchBier B9
Terrapin Side Project 3 Gamma Ray Wheat Win Ale B9
Terrapin Side Project 4 “Dos Cocoas” Chocolate Porter B9
Terrapin Side Project 5 Monk’s Revenge B9
Terrapin Side Project 6 90 Shelling Scotch Ale B7, B9
Terrapin Side Project 7 Maggie’s Farmhouse Ale B9
Terrapin Side Project 8 Pumpkinfest Malt Beverage B9
Terrapin Side Project 9 The Dark Side B9
Terrapin Side Project 10 Capt’n Krunkles Black India Pale Ale B10
Terrapin Side Project 11 Boom Shakalager Bavarian Style Imperial Lager B10
Terrapin Side Project 12 Hopzilla Double India Pale Ale B10
Terrapin Side Project 13 Big Daddy Vlady’s Russian Imperial Stout B10
Terrapin Side Project 14 TomFoolery Black Saison Ale B10
Terrapin Side Project 15 Indiana Krunkles B10
Terrapin Side Project 18 Liquid Bliss Malt Beverage with Peanut Butter B10
Terrapin Side Project 19 Mosaic Single Hopped Red Rye Ale B10
Terrapin Side Project 20 Dr. Krunkles White Farmhouse IPA B8
Terrapin Side Project 21 Smoked Pineapple Helles Malt Beverage B8
Terrapin Side Project 22 Chocolate Orange Weizenbock B10
Terrapin Side Project 23 Guano Loco Chili Pepper Brownie Ale B9
Terrapin Side Project 24 Turtleneck Gingerbread Winter Warmer Ale B8
Terrapin Side Project 29 Chubby Bunny Imperial S’Mores Milk Stout B10
Terrapin Side Project 30 Blueberry Thyme Saison B9
Terrapin Picnic Table Rack, with Bottle Opener. Holds 6 beers or ketsup/mustard/ ets. for $18.00
Turtle Anarchy can

If this ad is still up, the item is available; please do not contact me just to ask that.

If you are interested, either call or email (no texts). I usually check my computer a few times each day, or you can often reach me quicker by calling the house phone between 7am and 8pm. (click ‘reply’, then ‘show phone number’)

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