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Comedy: Barbershop 2 Back in Business - Special Edition DVD MovieProduct InformationIn this follow-up to the 2002 original Barbershop 2 Back in Business Special Edition reunites the same cast of characters for more fun and laughs. Ice Cube is the charming Calvin Palmer one of South Side Chicago's most upstanding business owners. But when the nefarious Quentin Leroux (Harry Lennix) shows up across the street with the flashy hip Nappy Cutz Calvin's shop is in jeopardy once again. While contending with his constantly bickering staff of barbers (Cedric the Entertainer Eve Sean Patrick Thomas Troy Garity Michael Ealy and Leonard Earl Howze) Calvin must also decide whether or not to take a payoff from the slimy Alderman Brown (Robert Wisdom).Product FeaturesRating: PG-13Run Time: 106 minutesDirector Kevin Rodney Sullivan and screenwriter Don D. Scott open the sequel with a heartwarming ode to the major figures in African-American culture over the past fifty years.Cedric the Entertainer's hilarious Eddie gets much more screen time including a flashback that explains why he will always be wele in Calvin's shop.Gina (Queen Latifah) Calvin's fiery ex runs the beauty shop next door and who is well on her way to being a screen franchise of her very own.
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The DVD extras for Barbershop 2 are much like the movie itself--not especially inspired or surprising, but raffish and likable. None of the handful of deleted scenes seem unjustly left out, but a couple (particularly the ones featuring Cedric the Entertainer) prove entertaining. Of the two audio commentaries, the one by the director and producers falls flat, full of a lot of self-congratulation; the less self-conscious talk from the actors proves more amusing (with Cedric again providing most of the wit). A couple of music videos (one with Mary J. Blige and Eve, another with Sleepy Brown and Outkast) are enjoyable, but the usual outtakes (actors laughing at their flubs) and still photos are bland and perfunctory. --Bret Fetzer

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