Large trash bags - $10 (North Downtown Lansing)

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I have a plethora of large garbage bags and I am going to sell some of them. I re-use and recycle so I don’t use large trash bags very often and I’ve ‘inherited’ some partial rolls. I do not know how many are on each roll.
I have a partial roll of bags with the shaped top for tying (not the string-type ties). Selling for $5.00

I have a partial roll of Kroger lawn and leaf bags for $5.00

I have several VERY heavy bags that I got from a closing store back in the late 70’s or early 80’s. When this nursery closed, my cousin got a pallet of these bags and passed them out to everyone in the family. They are very thick plastic and were meant for making bales (rectangular blocks) of compressed peat moss. I’ve used and re-used some of these bags for years, for storing/hauling camping equipment, laundry, skinned/quartered deer, long-handled garden tools, top soil for the gardens, darned near anything you are strong enough to lift, these bags are strong enough to carry. I’ve come to realize that I cannot live long enough to wear out the stack that I have. They measure 17.5 x 44 inches flat and are 12 inches wide when filled square. I’m selling these for $1 each or $10 for a dozen.

If this ad is still up, the item is available; please do not contact me just to ask that.

If you are interested, either call or email (no texts). I usually check my computer a few times each day, or you can often reach me quicker by calling the house phone between 7am and 8pm. (click ‘reply’, then ‘show phone number’)

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