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Single female, late 20's, seeking housing, roommate, etc. I have two adult dogs (one 11 year old miniature schnauzer, one 9 year old short haired Collie) and one senior cat. All are remarkably well behaved and are great with other pets and people of all ages. I have a stable, full time job, 8-5 Monday-Friday. I am currently renting month to month, however my landlord has informed me that he intends to sell the property as soon as possible, therefore I am searching for other arrangements. I have everything necessary to furnish a home, the ability to pay rent and have a quiet lifestyle. Unfortunately, I am still working on repairing my credit (I am happy to discuss this in more detail if desired) and am struggling to find housing on my own. I am searching for a small, affordable house to rent on my own or am open to shared housing with someone like-minded and responsible. Can provide proof of income. Looking to move as soon as September.
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