maak plasing gnstling free or very cheap project horses wanted verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

Looking for preferably free or very cheap project horses. 13 years old or younger no health problems. My goal is to take unwanted horses and train them for a new purpose/job based on their individual potential. Please don't let them go to slaughter. I have 3 horses currently who have been with me for years (one of which is blind in one eye) all loved, in good health, ridden regularly, well taken care of and dotted upon which is why i look for free as finances go to feeding and care. Those who don't become my personal riding horses will be paired with a loving and responsible owner, based on the horses potential, so their abilities will be put to good use giving them a new career and home. if you've ever seen the show heartland that's kinda what i do. please include pic, gender, age, breed, height, and any other information you have regarding the horse.
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